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Become a part of
Paris Squash 2024 by
becoming a volunteer.

Join the upcoming Paris Squash 2024 by becoming one of our valuable volunteers. We will need all your strength and positivity. Sign up quickly!

All aboard for 2024!

After the Palais de Tokyo square, Paris Squash Project will take you from September 15 to 21, 2024 to the prestigious, magical and enchanting Cirque d'hiver de Paris!

Built in 1837 by Napoleon 3, it will provide a luxurious setting for the court with 4 transparent walls, with 360° vision for the 1,500 spectators who can be accommodated around the star track.

It’s time to become a partner of this edition which still has many surprises in store…


Ask for our partnerships
and join the adventure.

Couv Plaquette PSP 2024.png

Before looking ahead to September 2024 and our 2nd edition of the Paris Squash Platinum, let's go back to our August 2023 event at the Palais de Tokyo.

Look back at 2023

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